High-speed optimising saws


Supercut 500 is a very high speed optimising saw, capable of meeting the highest production requirements with maximum reliability. Super-Fast: thanks to an exclusive double workpiece feeding system, very high acceleration and speed rates can be reached with the utmost reliability, while the innovative cutting system is so fast as to make the blade almost


Supercut 300 is a high-speed optimising saw capable of revolutionising your company’s manufacturing system. Really fast, thanks to an exclusive workpiece double feeding system combined with an ultra-rapid cutting unit, making Supercut 300 a unique machine. Extremely strong and reliable: sturdiness, solidity and use of materials and components that minimise subject to wear and replacement


Supercut 100 is an automatic crosscut saw, ideal to revolutionise the cutting process, offering the maximum quality/price ratio. An exclusive feeding system with toothed and coated belts creates maximum adherence with the material being processed. The steel cables in the belt guarantee work process uniformity, durability and precision. The wood pressure system consists of a