SuperCut 500

Supercut 500 is a very high speed optimising saw, capable of meeting the highest production requirements with maximum reliability.
Super-Fast: thanks to an exclusive double workpiece feeding system, very high acceleration and speed rates can be reached with the utmost reliability, while the innovative cutting system is so fast as to make the blade almost invisible to the human eyes.
Extremely strong and reliable: sturdiness, solidity and use of materials and components that minimise subject to wear and replacement parts, thus contributing to curbing maintenance costs.
Technologically innovative: Supercut 500 is an absolute leader in technology, thanks to its intelligent and exclusive software that takes advantage of all the potential offered by the simultaneous use of an innovative numerical control system and a powerful computer.

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Maximum feed speed

500 mm / 450 mm

Blade diameter

200 mt/min

Working height

900+-20 mm

Compressed air consumption

400 nl/min
6 atm

Minumum installed power

14 kW

Dust extraction speed

45 mt/sec

Powerful software

Numerical control with software in Windows environment, easy-to-use, powerful and flexible.

Synchronized conveyor

The feeding belt is synchronised and managed by the same motor as the feed rollers.

Brushless motor

Cutting system with Brushless motor so fast as to make the blade almost invisible to the human eyes.

Solid traction system

Exclusive double solid upper and lower traction system.

Machines’ applications
Pallets and crates
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