SuperPush 150

Superpush 150 is the direct technological evolution of traditional cutting methods, a machine able to increase productivity, reduce staff usage to a minimum and improve wood yield. It is the result of over forty years of innovation, continuous technological research and experience in direct contact with end users. It represents the ideal automatic cutting center: simple, economical, precise and productive. It’s simple and flexible: you can switch between optimized/push/stop modes with a simple touch.

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Maximum pusher speed

30 mt/min

Cutting capacity

0.2 sec

Work surface height

900 ± 20

Compressed air consumption

150 nl/min

6 atm

Minimum installed power

6 kW

Air dust extraction speed

1800-2000 m3/h
30 m/s

Brsuhless servomotor

Positioner installed on linear unit with toothed belt, moved by a brushless digital servo-driver.

Touch screen display

Wide 15,6" resistive touch screen with integrated NC and proprietary software.

Maximum protection

Certified front protection plate for simplified pieces loading/unloading. Electric box separated and protected from vibrations and dust.

Work optimization

Working mode optimized/push/stop. Robust positioner for working in push and stop mode.

Machines’ applications
Wooden furniture
Doors and windows
Garden equipment
Pallets and boxes
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