SuperPush 200

Superpush 200 is the direct technological evolution of traditional cutting methods, a machine capable of boosting productivity, minimising use of labour and increasing the yield of wood. It is the result of over thirty years of innovation, continuous technological research and experience in direct contact with the end customer.
It is an ideal automatic cutting centre: simple, cost-effective, precise and highly performing.
It is simple and flexible, with no adjustments and special operating movements needed. All you need to do is put the wood onto the feeder tabletop – and Superpush 200 will take care of the rest.

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Pusher speed up to

60 (120/180) mt/min

Minimum cutting time

0.2 sec

Working height


Compressed air consumption

200 nl/min
6 atm

Minumum installed power

7 kW

Air dust extraction speed

1800-2000 m3/h
30 mt/sec

Adaptable cut

Cutting unit with independent pneumatic adjustments to adapt to the different types of work to be performed.

Powerful software

Numerical control with software in Windows environment, easy-to-use, powerful and flexible.

Laser photocell

Total Optic system: integral reading system consisting of a laser photocell for detecting the length of the wood, and a luminescence reader for recognising marks. The system does not require manual adjustments when the thickness of wood changes.

Brushless servo motor

The movement of the carriage is managed by a constant torque brushless servomotor.

Machines’ applications
Wooden furniture
Doors and windows
Building constructions
Garden equipment
Pallets and crates
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