SuperUp 500

The SuperUp 500 is the new semi-automatic crosscut saw produced by Salvador, an evolution of the historical Classic series. The machine has been improved by designing a more robust structure, a more accessible and simple adjustment system and a series of innovative options, such as the retractable front protection.

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Blade motor power

5,5 (7,5) kW

Diameter of saw blade (shaft)

500 (35) mm

Saw spindle rotation speed

2800 rpm

Air consumption per cycle

7 nl

Sawdust extraction

1-120 mm 1-100 mm
2000 m3/h

Compressed air supply pressure

6-8 bar


V400/50 Hz

Working height

900±20 mm

Great versatility

Upper pneumatic hood to block the pieces with electro-pneumatic management to adapt to different types of work.

Idle rollers

Strong mechanical and mechanical-pneumatic stop. In-feed or out-feed steel structure with idle, galvanized rollers.

Retractable protection

Electro-pneumatic protection plate operator side with retractable movement. Equipped with certified safety system.

Robustness and ergonomics

Structure completely in thick and reinforced painted steel. Bimanual cutting control in an ergonomic position.

Machines’ applications
Wooden furniture
Doors and windows
Building and sawmill
Garden equipment
Pallets and boxes
Flooring and parquet
Other processes
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