Push feed optimising saws
SuperPush 250

An ideal automatic cutting centre: simple, cost-effective, precise and highly performing.

SuperPush 200

The direct technological evolution of traditional cutting methods.

SuperPush 150

Entry level optimising saw equipped with electronic positioner that can work in both push and stop mode.


Pusher optimizers for corner cutting
SuperAngle 600

An ideal cutting centre for angular, optimised cuts.


High-speed optimising saws
SuperCut 500

A very high speed optimising saw, capable of meeting the highest production requirements with maximum reliability.

SuperCut 300

A high-speed optimising saw, capable of revolutionising your company’s manufacturing system.

SuperCut 100

The simple but fast automatic crosscut saw, ideal to revolutionise the cutting process.


Semi-automatic crosscut saws
SuperUp 600

Semi-automatic crosscut saw

SuperUp 500

New semi-atuomatic crosscut saw with robust structure and a series of innovative options.


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