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Salvador was born 35 years ago in San Vendemiano, in the Treviso province, the heart of one of the most important furniture manufacturing centres in Europe and worldwide.
It is precisely here where a long, rich tradition for woodworking at both artisan and industrial levels, as well as the production of tools and technologies to process the wood raw material is rooted.

In 2000, after a strategic decision, the company decided to enhance its specialisation and target a specific market segment. As a result, Salvador’s core business focused on manufacturing optimising and crosscut saws for cutting wood, its derivatives and plastics - products that have indeed enabled the company to become a leading brand both in the European and worldwide markets.

The people
at our sides

Thanks also to the efficiency of its manufacturing system, deeply based on a lean production approach, and a strong focus on after-sales support, our company has witnessed steady, non-stop growth in many global markets: to date, 90% of production is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Salvador’s cornerstones? Human relationships and the high quality of our products.


Using high level components is the basis for manufacturing our machinery. To us, quality means being able to offer our customers extremely reliable, sturdy and long-lasting optimising and crosscut saws.

Team effort

Our company is made up of people and for people. Carefully listening to the customer’s requests and working together within the company are two main ingredients of our business formula. To us, the customer is not a mere number but a reality to work and co-operate with, with a view to achieving goals and targets.


Combining experience with cutting-edge technology: this is our way of doing business. Learning from the past and the thousands of systems supplied in order to test new solutionsand manufacturing processes, and thus build machines that make woodworking increasingly easy and efficient.


We at Salvador are strongly customer focused and geared towards tangible needs, with dialogue paving the way to each project. Each machine is finished and configured according to the customer’s specifications in order to better fit to the existing manufacturing process.

A big picture

In order to work with players from all over the world, the company must have a broad global perspective. Our know-how and resources would not be useful if our business was not tailored to customer needs.


Salvador’s products are designed to optimise the manufacturing process and save raw materials by cutting down on waste. Our goal is twofold: to simplify operators’ work by increasing safety, comfort and ease-of-use, and to improve the manufacturing process by providing systems that make it possible not only to save materials, but also to measure the overall work by becoming integrated into the most modern business scenarios.

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