Salone del Mobile.Milan 2024. A record-breaking edition celebrates the success of the entire wood-furniture supply chain: including technologies

21 | 05 | 2024

The Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 concluded a few weeks ago was a record-breaking edition in all its aspects: this is what the latest FederlegnoArredo article shows. With an attendance of 361,417 visitors, up 17.1 percent from the previous year, and the participation of more than 1,950 exhibitors from 35 countries, the event was confirmed as the best showcase for innovation and excellence in the furniture industry.

This success of the Salone del Mobile was driven by a number of factors, including increasing international participation, with 54.3 percent of visitors coming from abroad. In particular, there was a large return from China and strong interest from countries such as Germany, Spain, Brazil and the United States. This global influx of operators and buyers opened up new business opportunities and consolidated the role of the show as a global platform for the wood-furniture sector.

According to Maria Porro, president of the event, the Salone del Mobile.Milano is not only a trade event, but a bridge for dialogue with new market geographies, promoting innovation, competitiveness and culture in the sector. Claudio Feltrin, president of FederlegnoArredo, emphasized the importance of this outstanding edition in reconfirming the Milan Furniture Fair as the most important industry fair internationally. This achievement, as Feltrin said, can be attributed to the genius, vision and determination of the Italian wood-furniture companies and supply chain, which represent the economic engine of this sector.

Technology and optimizing machines: a key contribution to the growth of the furniture industry

Also central to this success are technology and optimizing machines, which over the years have revolutionized production in the wood-furniture industry. Salvador optimizing machines, for example, are now key to improving efficiency, precision and productivity in the production of solid wood furniture and semi-finished products in artisan and industrial woodworking shops. These machines are designed to meet industry-specific requirements, ensuring the highest quality finished product and reducing production time by up to 60-70%.

Salvador machines offer a number of tangible benefits for the furniture industries, including up to 15 percent improvement in wood yield over manual cutting systems and the ability to monitor time and costs through integrated software. Every company can find the optimal solution for its needs, from entry-level machines to advanced solutions with Computerized Numerical Control for automated and precise production.

Among the various options offered by Salvador, one can find entry-level optimizers such as the Superpush 150, to more advanced machines such as the Superpush 250 that provides an automatic cutting center. For angle cutting and optimization, the Superangle 600 proves to be an excellent choice. For fast removal of imperfections and defects, always combined with optimization, the Supercut family is offered, with hugely successful models such as the Supercut 500. In addition, with machines such as the Superup500 and Superup600, companies can count on fast and robust semi-automatic cut-off machines.

To recap, the numbers of this Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 are the result of a combination of factors, including innovation, quality and efficiency promoted by the wood-furniture supply chain and fueled by advanced technologies such as Salvador optimizers. This event not only celebrates the excellence of Italian design, but also reinforces the country’s role as a world leader in the industry, ready to face future challenges.