Sustainable mobility between Salvador units

15 | 10 | 2020

A little big change has recently happened in our headquarters, in the industrial area of San Vendemiano (Treviso). This is the new bicycles purchased for the movements between Salvador headquarters, the warehouse and UNIT 4.

In the historical period in which we live, there is a need for concrete actions to safeguard our planet. And each of us, as individuals and as a company, can intervene by giving their own contribution.

In Salvador, transfers that were previously made by car or by company van, now take place on two wheels following a green philosophy.

The warehouse and UNIT 4, where there is a part of the manufacturing and within short the new showroom, are less than a kilometer away from the main unit: a short distance but on the long run this will allow to emit much less CO2 in the air, guaranteeing benefits to the environment in which we live.

A small gesture to keep big our earth!