30 | 12 | 2021

A concrete help to the people of Burkina Faso! The second WOWnature project that we have decided to support is a social reforestation initiative that will allow the adoption and planting of baobab, karité, moringa and neré trees, contributing not only to the fight against desertification, but also to the training of Burkinabé women to the care, processing and transformation of the fruits of these trees into finished products, for both food and cosmetic use. As Alex Pra, project manager of Etifor, a spin-off company of the University of Padua and creator of the wownature.eu portal, says: “The activity is not limited to planting trees to give life to degraded areas and restore their biodiversity, but to the population techniques and agricultural practices to manage plantations sustainably, enhance the fruits and create a territorial productive fabric that exploits the benefits of plants “.

In fact, if properly managed, woods are a resource of primary importance, places where man can live in balance with nature. Trees are able to mitigate the climate, curb hydrogeological landslides, contribute to soil fertility, conserve biodiversity and provide local populations with basic raw materials for their subsistence. Women in Burkina Faso represent the pillar of rural communities, but live in a fragile and precarious condition, characterized by a high mortality rate at the time of childbirth and an almost total absence of training and education. With this in mind, the project undertaken by Wownature in the African country aims not only to combat desertification and promote rural development in those areas, but also to promote the emancipation of women and give life to a process of female empowerment.

The districts concerned are those of Garango and Tenkodogo, located in the central-eastern Burkina Faso. The trees that can be adopted and then planted are in particular those that play a fundamental role in the survival of villages, types of trees that produce leaves, fruits, seeds, which are then used by local populations for both nutritional and cosmetic purposes. There is the majestic baobab, called by the ancient African populations “Tree of life”, whose fruits and leaves are widely used for nutritional and therapeutic discoveries, Karitè, from which the homonymous butter is obtained, used in the world as a cosmetic product , the Moringa, also known as the “Tree of miracles”, a plant with multiple properties and uses, a real “superfood”, and the Néré tree, a plant that is grown for its pods, which preserve a sweet and valuable seeds, and also because it has a beneficial effect on neighbouring plant species.

Hope for a better future in Burkina Faso comes from trees and women.

By choosing one of our trees you will help not only nature but also local populations. Adopt the tree you prefer and we will take care of it by teaching the women of Burkina Faso how to transform their products into a source of subsistence for the whole village. From Karitè butter to Moringa flour, each of our trees has a story to tell and many lives to save.