An upward future for Solidea Srl (Salvador)

31 | 03 | 2023

Solidea Srl looks to the future by increasing production capacity with its new plant in Codognè (TV).

The year 2022 has been a record year. As recounted in one of the last articles, the company reported a +9.5 percent increase in sales for 2021 and a more than 50 percent increase in the number of machines produced in just a few years. Meanwhile, new partnerships have started in many countries around the world, where through partnerships with trained local dealers, the company has begun to export its technology.

About the dealers

The market success of our machines is also, and above all, thanks to strong partnerships with local dealers: our valuable, extensive and widespread support throughout the territory. Together with the excellent performance in terms of productivity and reliability of Salvador-branded machines and the appreciated after-sales service, our dealers have considerable weight in spreading and making people appreciate Solidea Srl’s product in the woodworking sector.

The increase in the Salvador sales network in Italy and in several countries in Europe and around the world, such as France, Norway, Australia and South Africa, among others, has thus led to an increase in demand for optimizing machines, which in turn has generated the prerequisites for a major investment in new production and office space.

The new headquarters

Thus it was that in January 2023 the start-up of the first part of the new headquarters took place: as many as 8,000 square meters allocated entirely to production-more than three times as much as before-where the production part, component and spare parts warehouses and the company showroom find space within the same plant.

The completion of the second phase, where the 1,000 sq m dedicated to offices will see the light of day, is scheduled for the second part of this year.

Today’s market demands more and more complete solutions: this is the reason why, in addition to grouping all production within a single hub, the new headquarters also guarantees the possibility of developing the entire automation and integration part with third-party partners, with a view to integrated technology development.

What’s more, part of Solidea Srl’s investments concern the adoption of a new management system, which will allow an even better performance management of production and warehouse.

The link with the territory

The opening of the new facility testifies to Solidea Srl’s conviction that it wants to continue investing in its home territory: Northeastern Italy, an industrious area rich in industrial tradition, including woodworking machinery.

What’s more, the new plant is strategically located with respect to the major highway routes of the northeast and the main infrastructure hubs and the airports of Treviso and Venice.

Solidea Srl is really excited to communicate this great news: our new corporate headquarters, which will allow us to consolidate and increase productivity and at the same time aim at the development of new projects with even greater conviction.