Salvador Machines: between past, present and future

31 | 08 | 2021

The history of the Salvador brand begins in February 1982, when Giorgio Salvador, founder of the company Solidea SRL, decides to capitalize on the long experience gained in the doors and windows sector by creating a company specializing in the production of crosscutting saws. In a market that increasingly required fast cutting and the optimization of manual cutting, these machines made the work of operators easier and faster and could be used for different types of woodworking, from fixtures, to packaging, to doors for kitchens and furniture.

In May 1982, the company exhibited an innovative machinery with numerically controlled pusher at the Xylexpo fair in Milan, the biennial world exhibition of wood technologies and supplies for the furniture industry. Over the years, this technology is applied to various models of crosscutting saws including pass-through machines, which in this way also guarantee the optimization of wood cutting. In the nineties Salvador specializes in the finished cutting of the panel obtained from bars and in just in time processing, overseeing the wood and sawmill market and collaborating with the most important companies in the furniture sector in Veneto and Brianza.

From the beginning, the relationship with abroad has been strong: orders from Spain, Finland and other Northern European countries already arrived in 1982 and relations with Brazil and the United States also grew in the two-year period ‘88-‘90. Thanks to the loyalty with the dealers of numerous countries and to significant investments in their training, the brand has made itself known and rooted in the territory, giving life to a solid and structured commercial network. The ability to know how to read and interpret circumstances has allowed the company to grow, specialize and evolve over time, becoming the protagonist of a key sector that requires certain processes and customized machines. Starting in 2008, after a strategic decision, the company concentrates its core business and specializes in the production of optimising and crosscutting saws for cutting wood, its derivatives and plastics.

From an Industry 4.0 perspective, an important revolution taken over the years has been precisely that relating to data processing: if properly analysed and interpreted, this element has an inestimable value and brings numerous benefits in terms of process efficiency, reduction of costs, time, waste and, consequently, of resources. The software used by the company is the result of over 30 years of continuous development and updating with a view to a constant process of growth and improvement. Wood is an asset that is proving to be more and more precious and the use of Salvador optimising saws allows to obtain the maximum yield from the raw material, with important implications also from an environmental point of view.

Today Salvador celebrates 40 years in business.

Salvador has established itself as one of the most important market leaders: in continuous growth, the company has been able to take advantage of the two intense years characterized by the pandemic to think and give life to innovative solutions such as the Super Push 150, presented at the beginning of 2021. Distinguished by an accurate and efficient pre and post assistance service in sales, the company offers its customers its advice and, thanks to its great experience and professionalism, understands the specific needs of each one and helps them to identify the solution that best suits their needs.

What does the future hold? Continuous research and study, new machinery and technology in constant evolution.