Export by vocation: Salvador

29 | 11 | 2023

There is a positive sign in front of the latest result on woodworking technology exports published by the Italian Woodworking Technology Association, ACIMALL. In fact, a +9.4 percent was recorded in the first half of 2023, confirming the sector’s growth.

This growth is aligned with Salvador’s vocation for the foreign market, which has developed a solid sales network abroad over the years, in addition to an established presence in the Italian market. A network that has allowed the company to export and have its machines appreciated worldwide.

So, let’s get to know in detail the data of the latest ACIMALL report, Salvador’s international vocation, and the reasons for this success.

Exports of woodworking technologies increase: +9.4 percent

As written in the opening, export flows of woodworking technologies continue to be positive. In the first half of 2023, growth was stable and registered +9.4 percent compared to a year ago, with a real export value of 854 million euros. But let’s go deeper into detail.

Among the top ten destination countries for Italian exports, the United States largely maintains the first position in terms of economic value, but marks -7.3% compared to 2022. France, with +6.3%, and Germany with +11.9%, on the other hand, follow with more encouraging results. Exports to China also resume growth after a slight decrease in the first quarter of the year. A value that bodes well along with India’s numbers.

Upon inspecting the imports of machinery, we observe a 3.3% rise in value, reaching 125 million euros, highlighting domestic demand too.

Salvador: export by vocation

Salvador’s has a rich Italian history that started in 1982. With over 40 years of experience, we specialize in producing wood-cutting optimizing machines. But that’s not all we’re known for. Our legacy also includes a foresight for international expansion.

Salvador has a strong sales network that has helped the company gain global recognition for the quality of its machines. In fact, machinery exports make up a significant portion of our production, which confirms the trust it has gained in the international market. This global perspective has enabled Salvador to establish a strong presence worldwide.

Machine and service quality: a recipe for exporting

The preference for Salvador machines recorded abroad is motivated by several factors, which can be traced to product and service excellence. In fact, the complete range of optimizing woodworking machines, enhanced by their operational reliability, is only the starting point. Salvador’s after-sales service is also a distinctive feature that customers appreciate for its promptness and understanding of their needs.

The established sales network of experienced professionals ensures constant and qualified support even thousands of miles from the company’s headquarters. In addition, the introduction of new software, the revolutionary S4U, which integrates seamlessly with third-party ecosystems such as scanners, automation and management software, demonstrates Salvador’s ongoing commitment to offering technological innovation.

Customized Standard: when custom becomes standard 

The Customized Standard concept characterizes Salvador’s wood-optimizing solutions, offering customers the flexibility to customize standard machines with specific options that meet their unique needs. In this regard, the company also distinguishes itself by sourcing premium components available from stock to ensure responsiveness to orders and requests for spare parts or repairs.

Vocation, quality and tailor-made services: these are the elements that, once combined, clearly outline why Salvador is a valued partner worldwide for the supply of optimizing-woodworking machines.