New S4U Software

30 | 06 | 2023

In recent years Solidea Srl has planned a series of strategic investments for industrial consolidation and expansion. The new S4U software with which all Salvador machines will be equipped is the most recent example of the group’s foresight, projected toward a future of innovation and technological development.

Salvador For You

S4U was developed by Salvador’s in-house R&D department in collaboration with the After Sales and Commercial departments, and will soon permanently take the place of TROPTIM, the management software in use to date.

This interaction between the various departments is of particular importance because it highlights the importance of the relationship with Salvador’s customers: their feedback, which we have always been careful to collect, now becomes the basis for the new software, which is to all intents and purposes the result of years of work and research in contact with the needs of the market. An aspect that we also wanted to enhance with the acronym of the software: S4U, Salvador for you.


The new software runs on the latest industrial version of Windows, based on Windows 10, customized specifically for our product and relies on a new electronic system in which higher-performance servo drives will be used: a key factor in achieving higher operating speeds and thus achieving greater production capacities, particularly with regard to pass-through machines.

With a view to industrial automation and the new manufacturing technologies that characterize Industry 4.0, S4U has been designed to provide greater flexibility in terms of interfacing the optimizer with all that third-party ecosystem such as scanners, automation and management -preoptimization software.

Also for this important reason, the graphical user interface has been completely overhauled in order to ensure a smoother, more intuitive and interactive user experience, with all functions conveniently within mouse reach.

The features introduced with S4U are many, and we invite you to visit the site or contact us to learn more about the technical aspects of the new software. Among the new features we highlight, for example, the possibility for pusher machines to have an optimized outfeed table, for a more rational use of space, or the optimized management of cutting lists thanks to an automatic quality downgrade system, for easier work and a more intelligent use of the wood resource.

The new S4U software has arrived: please visit the site to find out more about our optimizers.