Salvador automatic wood cutting machines

28 | 02 | 2023

The production of optimizers and automatic sawing machine for cutting wood, its derivatives and plastics is Salvador’s core business.

The company was founded 40 years ago in the province of Treviso, in the production heart of north-eastern Italy, and its optimizers are the result of continuous technological innovation and long experience in the sector.

Optimizers: what they are

An optimizer is a machine that allows sectioning wooden boards along their length, to obtain measurements useful for subsequent processing and to eliminate defects from the wood. The machine can process single boards or packs of boards.

The machine cycle begins with reading the loaded material, which will then be “optimized” according to the measurements loaded into the software.

Optimizers are a direct evolution of the traditional cutting method. They allow large quantities of material to be processed in an automated manner and guarantee millimetric cutting precision.

An optimizer can work within automatic procedures, interfacing with other numerically controlled (CNC) machines. Cutting lists are extracted from an excel sheet or received directly from CAD software and loaded onto the optimizer. At this point, the wooden bars are placed on the feeder table and the machine takes care of the rest automatically, quickly meeting the requirements of the individual job.

Optimizers: the advantages

The operation of an optimizer is simple and the advantages over manual cutting are unparalleled.

  • Wood optimization
    Thanks to precise cutting, the wood yield is maximized and at the same time processing waste is reduced by up to 15%.
  • Speed
    Depending on the type of optimizer, the pusher can reach a maximum speed of 200 m/min, and production times are cut by up to 60-70%.

  • Digitisation
    The optimizer interacts with other machines and allows direct monitoring of the activity via computer: an excellent functionality also and especially according to the rationalization of production in Industry 4.0.

Optimizers: the models

Salvador automatic sawing machine are functional for different types of processing, and their use is extremely useful in every sector of the woodworking world: from flooring to pallets, from fixtures to window frames, from construction to sawmill work.

Pusher optimizers

Pusher optimizers represent the ideal automatic cutting center. Simple and productive, they are equipped with laser photocells for wood length detection and a cutting unit that adapts to the different types of work to be done. They can process both single boards and packs, and the main feature is application flexibility.

Pusher optimizers for angle cutting

Superangle 600 is the right optimizer if you want to work with angle cuts. Thanks to the high-precision mechanical system and high-tech electronic motor, the machine ensures maximum precision and speed of movement.

High-speed optimizers

Watchword: speed. Credit is due to the unique dual-drive system that moves the piece of wood, capable of achieving high performance even with less-than-excellent quality material.

These are machines designed for rapid defect removal, as they can only process single boards.

Great solidity and technological innovation make high-speed optimizers truly complete machines.

Semi-automatic crosscut saws

Robust construction, accessible adjustment system and a range of innovative options, such as the retractable front guard: the Superup 500 and 600 represent the cutting edge of semi-automatic crosscut saws.   More efficient machining processes, reduced costs, time and raw material waste: there are many reasons to choose an optimizer.

Want to learn about the potential of our optimizers in person and discover the latest innovations? We look forward to seeing you May 15-19 at LIGNA in Hannover, Germany-the world’s leading trade fair for the woodworking industry.