The 5 benefits of the Superpush series for your business

18 | 03 | 2024

Salvador’s Superpush series is the direct technological evolution of traditional cutting methods. It is the result of more than forty years of innovation, continuous research and experience in direct contact with the end customer. Peculiarities, these, that are also found in our corporate culture, based on small but constant improvements in order to create more value and efficiency. 

In this article we will discuss benefits for your business. Superpush 150, 200 and 250 optimizers are in fact machines that can increase productivity, streamline the production process and increase wood yield. Benefits that make these machines perfect in virtually every sector of the woodworking world, from pallet making to wood furniture, from fixtures to building construction.

Superpushes are then performance tools that provide efficiency, but also incredible ease of use. 

5 advantages for your business

The benefits offered by Superpush optimizers are diverse, but can be summarized in five points. Let’s look at them in detail. 

Increased productivity

Depending on the type of optimizer, the pusher can reach a maximum speed of 180 mt/min, and production times are cut by up to 60-70%.

Increased wood yield

With precise cutting, the utilization of wood raw material is maximized. At the same time, wood yield is increased by up to 15% compared to manual cutting systems.

Less labor and no specialization required
Unlike traditional wood cutting, which requires a lot of specialized labor, optimizing machines enable flexible labor and reduce the number of workers in the production line by up to 50%.

Clear costs and statistical data

The use of an optimizing machine provides the company with data on the production and cutting process, offering the possibility to monitor time and costs, increasing efficiency.


The Superpush series, like all Salvador machines, offers high safety standards to ensure the safety of employees.

Superpush 150

The Superpush 150 is an entry-level optimizer suitable for both small production runs and just-in-time work. It represents the ideal automatic cutting center, allowing the user to switch between optimized/push/hit modes with a simple touch. The sturdy structure is made of heavy-gauge painted steel, while the components used are the same as those found in higher category machines.

The machine is equipped with a large touch screen panel with integrated numerical control and an intuitive graphic interface. Programming of the cutting sequence can be manual or automatically optimized. Superpush 150, like the other optimizing machines, can be customized ad hoc for the customer with various accessories, including automatic board length acquisition, barcode reader, label printer, and many others.

Superpush 200

Superpush 200 is the pusher optimizer designed to simplify and improve wood cutting operations. With intuitive operation, impeccable accuracy and high performance, this machine stands as a tool that can improve your business.

The numerical control is virtualized in a Linux PC with an operator interface in a Windows environment and provides exceptional computing speed, allowing you to manage operations efficiently. The 30-degree inclined table promotes easy loading of material and improves squaring of the cut.

Superpush 250

This machine is capable of increasing productivity, minimizing the use of personnel and increasing wood yield. Thanks to an original feeding and loading system, with chain drive and pneumatic lifting, the Superpush 250 is an ideal cutting center.

Versatility is one of its best features. Superpush 250 can be used in many areas, since it integrates into production lines thanks to automatic chain loading. Quality, raw material savings and excellent performance are guaranteed.

The Holz-Handwerk fair in Nuremberg, Germany, is an opportunity to discover for yourself the five advantages of the Superpush 150 and 200 optimizers, along with the new S4U software. We look forward to seeing you March 19-22, in Hall 10.0, booth 10.0-102.