The New European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and Salvador optimisers

31 | 07 | 2023

On June 9, the new Regulation against deforestation and forest degradation (EUDR) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The EUDR in brief

The legislation, which will replace the current EU Regulation 995/2010 (EUTR or Timber Regulation), is in line with the sustainability policies undertaken by the European Union and will ban the import or export of products that have caused deforestation or forest degradation after December 31 2020.

The EUDR will also prohibit the introduction into the EU of products that do not comply with the legislation applicable in the countries from which these products are extracted. These products clearly include wood and its derivatives.

The implementation date of the New European Deforestation Regulation is scheduled to be December 30, 2024, and this is a very important turning point for the entire wood industry.

Salvador optimizers

Legislation such as the EUDR reminds us of the importance of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly economic-productive system aimed at safeguarding natural resources.

In this context of increasing concern for the environment and traceability of raw materials, it is becoming increasingly strategic for woodworking companies to invest in quality wood cutting optimizers.

At Salvador we have long been involved in a number of environmental sustainability initiatives, such as our collaboration with a spin-off from the University of Padua that helps companies and citizens grow new forests and protect existing ones.

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A path that is intertwined with that of our core business, because we are convinced that even our highly automated machines can make their contribution to the problem of consumption and the preservation of natural resources.

Salvador optimizers ensure optimized and efficient wood processing, allowing a significant reduction in raw material waste. Thanks to a precision to the tenth of a millimeter – up to +/- 0.1 mm – the blade makes a precise and quality cut, thanks to which it is possible to get the most out of each single board: a key factor, which guarantees total optimisation of the raw material.

Furthermore, with Salvador optimizers it is possible to work on defects and imperfections in wooden boards, again optimizing the use of raw material and processing waste.

Another important aspect is related to the energy consumption of production activities using Salvador machinery. Optimizing wood cutting processes has another valuable advantage: the reduction of production time.

While this inevitably increases the company’s productivity, it also makes a clear contribution to reducing the environmental impact of the business: optimizing processing times implies a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The new European Deforestation Regulation has reaffirmed from a legislative point of view the need to ban the import and export of products that cause deforestation or forest degradation. This is a very important measure, the principles of which reflect the European institutions’ desire to regulate, improve and protect the ecosystem in which we live.

With a Salvador optimizer your business can help limit the waste of raw materials and maximize the value of processed wood boards.

A choice that is not only sustainable, but also highly productive.